Dave Kolb Grading

If you've ever built a brand new house or seriously renovated one, then you have some idea of the task facing Dave Kolb Grading when it constructed a new building to accommodate its growing company. Kolb hired an architectural firm to design the building and the architects brought in CIS to design and outfit its interior. Working closely with Kolb and the architectural firm, CIS designed a one-of-a-kind office space with high functionality, but a profile that says home. Sure, Dave Kolb grading moves dirt for a living, but that doesn’t mean that its office space needs to look like it.  When customers, business partners and employees visit Kolb each day, they step into a place that screams "lodge" but whispers "work." It’s the perfect marriage of leading edge form and comfortable functionality.


I had an understanding of interior design when we started the project. But, Linda and CIS brought so much more. So often she was the second opinion that I needed to convince me that my vision made sense or to bring perspective that I hadn’t considered before. And she’s not just the consummate professional, but she’s also friendly and easy to work with. Around here, we’ve come to see her as family.


– Carrie Kolb-Greiwe, Office Manager, Dave Kolb Grading