DIBA/Bronx/Blink Shoes

Diba was a fast-growing company and needed a new building to accommodate its expanding workforce. The company had outgrown its furnishings and office space and desperately needed to transition to a more functional and organized workspace. Diba frowned on private workspaces. Instead, the company preferred open areas that encouraged communication and peer-to-peer relationship building but also made sense for each of its individual functions and departments. CIS successfully designed an office space that maintained openness but accommodated a logical workflow.


There were many aspects of the project that we did not know about – integrating the cubicles with electric, phones, data, making the layout user-friendly so that each of our workgroups could work openly and still maintain privacy. It would have been easy to call in someone who could help us understand that. But the differential with CIS was that they also could help us coordinate and pick colors and treatments and tabletops. The bundled service was a super value.


– Diane Butrus, Chief of Operations, Diba Bronx Shoes