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CIS is a furniture dealership that also specializes in high value office interior design. We are satisfied to work alongside your existing designer to bring you the full range of name brand furniture products. Our intimate knowledge of interior design makes us the perfect partner for any architect and designer. However, if you’re at the beginning of your search and haven’t yet hired a designer, then you should consider CIS. We have more than twenty years of office interior design experience and are fully capable of bringing you a complete design, furnishing and decorating solution.
CIS can handle any size project from furnishing a few thousand square feet of office space for a mid-sized or small company, to outfitting several floors of office space for a larger enterprise. And often our size adds that caring, personal touch that you won’t get with some of our competitors.
We offer a scaleable solution. So, if you only need a furniture dealer, we’re happy to do that for you. And because we also are expert designers, we often can work extremely well with your designer to help him or her realize their vision.
There’s no need to hire a separate office decorator. We handle furnishings of every variety AND the accessories that accompany them. Whether it’s trash cans, wall paintings, or name tags for the doors, we handle it all.
While CIS is located in the St. Louis area, we have a number of clients outside the area. So, even if your area code isn’t 314, 636 or 618, we still welcome the opportunity to work with you in your home state.